Junior Navigators

 Information and Consent Form– Please fill out and bring with you.

Navigators Badge Book

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We ask that where possible, half-termly subs payments of £12.50 are made through our safe and secure online system.

7th September- 19th October £12.50

2nd November- 14th December £12.50

11th January 2019- 15th February £12.50



Navs T-shirt

Jeans, cargo trousers or shorts- no leggings

Suitable footwear- no sandals or flip flops

Always bring a coat, a full water bottle and a torch.

Where to get your uniform.

From us.

Embroidered T-shirt, Navigator badge, badge blanket, and a certificate of membership £15

Nav Hoodie £15

We recommend sewing badges on either a Navigator hoodie or a blanket.